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The PICSE website has been produced with the funding of the European Commission. The content of the website is the sole responsibility of the PICSE consortium and cannot be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission.

Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright of Content

The design and development of the website forms part of the project’s intellectual property right. All content produced by the PICSE Consortium for the website is subject to quality control. Some of this content may be subject to the copyright of individual partners thus forming part of their intellectual property as either background knowledge pertinent to PICSE (referred to as “background”) or knowledge acquired during PICSE as part of the development or research activities (referred to as “foreground”). Such copyright material is tagged with the appropriate notice and symbol – copyright ©. Perusal of this content must strictly comply with the copyright notice. PICSE is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Content Access

PICSE website content is accessible to all users. PICSE newsletter is accessible only to registered members through the on-line process. All data collected through the registration process are protected by EC privacy regulations. In case you believe that your personal or organisational Intellectual Property Rights are legally offended by material presented in this site, please contact us immediately to withdraw offending items: