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Open standards for ICT procurement: saving while reducing ICT lock-in

12/06/2015 -
10:00 to 18:00


Brussels | June 12th, 2015 | 10.00 a.m. CET

Avenue de Beaulieu, 25


The Scenario

Under Digital Agenda, the European Commission commits itself through Action 23 to provide guidance on the link between ICT Standardisation and Public Procurement in order to help public authorities use standards to promote efficiency and reduce lock-in.


As a matter of fact, using ICT open standards results in:

Higher savings when procuring ICT

An increased level of competition among suppliers

Being compliant with EU Public Procurement directives


The Workshop

The Workshop has been a great opportunity to meet MSP members, procurement managers, policymakers and ICT suppliers to discuss how to effectively reduce lock-in by using Open Standards.

The main goals of the event were:

- Discuss ways in which Pre-Commercial Procurement can be used as a tool to steer the development of solutions towards concrete public sector needs;
- Share some good and bad practice examples about the Procurement of ICT and Innovation within EU Public Administrations;
- Gather new ideas to revamp the EC policy for the procurement of ICT products and services on the base of standards

Best practice examples have been carefully selected to match the needs and wants of all potential participants. Have a look at the agenda! In addition, we planned various networking opportunities to allow you to share your opinion with a number of top-tier experts.



Open Standards for ICT Procurement & PICSE

PICSE attended the event to present the results of the cloud procurement barriers analysis and to present its innovative tools ti support procurers, IT managers and procurment team belonging to public research organisations in procuring cloud services.

Download here the PICSE presentation