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Open standards for ICT procurement: Sharing of Best Practices, 3 December 2014, Brussels, Belgium

03/12/2014 -
09:30 to 18:30

Under Digital Agenda, the European Commission commits itself through Action 23 to provide guidance on the link between ICT Standardisation and Public Procurement in order to help public authorities use standards to promote efficiency and reduce lock-in. 

As a matter of fact, using ICT open standards results in:
- Higher savings when procuring ICT
- An increased level of competition among suppliers
- Being compliant with EU Public Procurement directives

The "Open standards for ICT procurement: Sharing of Best Practices" workshop took place in Brussels - at DG CONNECT - on December 3rd, 2014.  The Workshop was a great opportunity to meet MSP members, procurement managers, policymakers and ICT suppliers to discuss how to effectively reduce lock-in by using Open Standards.

The main goals of the event were:

- Share some good practice examples about ICT procurement;
- Stimulate the debate around the next steps / new ideas for DAE Action 23;
- Present a first set of insights on the state of the art of ICT public procurement using standards through Europe.

Out of the 96 persons who registered for the Workshop 72, from 30 different countries, actually attended the event. Most of them were representing central and local EU public administrations, research institutes and various business support organisations, as well as ICT suppliers. Some of the members of the Multistakeholder Platform (MSP) on ICT standardisation also attended the Workshop.

Silvana Muscella attended the event by presenting PICSE to the participants. Silvana focused her speech on two main topics:

  • PICSE put toghether a survey “The survey on Procurement Barriers to identify the challenges currently existing in cloud procurement and, therefore, produce a report on cloud procurement barriers. All answers to the 18 questions comprising this survey are anonymous and will be used only for collecting inputs that will serve PICSE’s goals. []
  • PICSE’s consortium developed the “Partner Search tool(, a unique place entirely dedicated to organizations interested in ICT8 & ICT36 calls, that will allow demand and supply side to meet, enstablishing new collaborations. Partner Search tool users can:
    • post their comments and leave comments on their posts (all posts are moderated by PICSE’s consortium to ensure a high-quality service)
    • publish description of proposals’ ideas and partners required
    • browse call ideas, comment or contact other users

In conclusion, Silvana provided the audience with two examples of PCP/ PPI for cloud services:

  • Cloud for Europe: a tender for the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) of research & development on cloud computing services
  • DICTU Cloud: a project for the implementation of an on premise (owned and managed by DICTU) multi-tenant cloud infrastructure