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PICSE: EGI Conference 6-8 April

07/04/2016 - 10:00

On the 7th of April 2016, Bob Jones,  CERN & Coordinator, PICSE , presented the PICSE Roadmap on Cloud Service Procurement at the EGI Conference Procurement Workshop during a special session on procurement involving and 4 ESFRI Research Infrastructures (BBMRI, DARIAH, EPOS, LifeWatch)

 The PICSE Roadmap highlights the existing challenges, barriers and trends in procuring cloud services. In addition it presents a precise Call for Action for the three major stakeholders involved in the cloud procurement process: Public Research Sector Organisations (the demand-side), Cloud Service Providers (the supply-side) and Policy Makers (the regulators).

These call for actions were discussed during the EGI conference and the ESFRIs provided really helpful feedback. One of this is that ESFRIs recognized that  joint procurement, in particular the PCP/PPI instruments, could be a good procurment approach for the ERICs, that are the  legal entities that coordinate ESFRI research infrastructures, and not only for ICT but also for the research infrastructure itself.

To download the Call to Action booklet click here and for more information on the event click here