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Clouds and nebulas: How the European Space Agency is using the cloud for research

Interview with Maryline Lengert,ESA, 19 September, GIGAOM

Since the European cloud market was lagging behind the needs of research agencies like the European Space Agency and CERN, they decided to jump-start the market by creating their own federated cloud.


Lengert said that Helix Nebula started with a pilot that included the European Space Agency, the CERN nuclear research lab and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. The pilot was made up of three separate research projects: The space agency was focused on research into volcanoes and their impact on earthquakes and the molecular biology lab was doing DNA-related research, while CERN was crunching some of the numbers coming out of the Hadron Collider.

The idea was to see whether information could be exchanged across those different projects and platforms in a federated data environment.....


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