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BT secures major cloud services contracts with the EU

BT today announced two new contracts with the European Commission to deliver public and private cloud services across 52 major European institutions, agencies and bodies - including the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Defence Agency. Both framework contracts - awarded last December - run for up to four years with a combined worth of more than €24 million. Following execution of the framework contracts, BT will implement the contracted private cloud services, and becomes one of five providers that will compete for public cloud projects.
These are the third and fourth European Commission framework contracts that have been awarded to BT in 2015, all of them following open calls for tenders.
The customised, underlying technology platform meets the EU’s strict requirements in terms of compliance, security and privacy. It combines the speed and agility of public clouds with the control and security of private clouds.
The services will be hosted from several secure, geographically spread data centres within the European Union, ensuring both high resilience and guarantee that all customer data will remain within the Union. They will be integrated and managed from BT’s Compute Management System (CMS) – a single, federated portal which seamlessly delivers customers the IT services they need from anywhere in the world.
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