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Cloudscape 2016 Opening session: all about procurement of cloud services! (8th March 2016)

Bob JonesCERN & Coordinator, PICSE & HNSciCloud chaired the opening session of Cloudscape 2016 with the procurment of cloud services being the hot topic.

For full information on the event see below or visit the Cloudscape website here

Event Information

A Digital Single Market will enable better public procurement of cloud services in Europe by facilitating common definitions of requirements and increasing the potential for joint procurement across borders. Pooling common public requirements could bring higher efficiency, reduce costs and enable interoperability. Higher quality services, more competition, rapid standardisation and better market opportunities for SMEs can also benefit the private sector.

Chair: Bob Jones, CERN & Coordinator, PICSE & HNSciCloud

Introduction from Dirk van Rooy, Head of Sector European Cloud Partnership, European Commission


  • Challenges in procuring cloud services
  • Best practices in Europe: UK G-Cloud and others
  • How joint procurement can speed up adoption
  • Call for action for policy makers and service providers in relation to DSM Action #16.