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European Commission calls for cloud data protection law reforms

The Commission claims fragmented data protection laws area holding up the development of a single digital marketplace in Europe

Speaking at the Datacloud Europe Event in Monaco on 3 June, Pearse O’Donoghue, the European Commission’s (EC) head of software, services and cloud computing, said the use of off-premise technologies can bring numerous economic and productivity benefits to both startups and enterprises.

In the case of the former, cloud technologies can make it easier for new firms to get up and running without the need for upfront technology investments, which in turn paves the way for the creation of jobs in Europe and an overall increase in GDP.

However, there are numerous legislative barriers standing in the way that the Commission is seeking to address with its ongoing Digital Single Market push. This is geared towards the creation of a single marketplace for digital services in the European Union (EU).

Source: Computerweekly

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