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Government cloud in 2015: three ideas to accelerate adoption @ eduserv, blog post by Ivan Harris

Interesting blog post by Ivan Harris, 15 December, 2014.

"As we head into 2015, my expectation is that the pace of cloud adoption will grow at an even faster rate. To achieve that I think there are three areas suppliers and the G-Cloud team need to address in the year ahead.

1.  Closing the G-Cloud gap – Monthly sales of £27m show G-Cloud has real traction with buyers and sellers of cloud services and we are one of many SMEs who have benefited from the framework.  Nonetheless we have to recognise there is still some resistance to the Cabinet Office approach to IT – many government departments still want to do things in their own way. There is still a big job to do in influencing buyers, programme and business managers to support the G-Cloud framework.

2. Sorting out security – April 2015 will mark a year of living with the new government security classifications which are supported by the fourteen cloud security principles. The aim was to reduce the costs of security by placing an onus on buyers to think harder about the data they manage and the protection it needs. We support this objective however many organisations who buy cloud services have struggled with these changes. There is still a big job to do to ensure security concerns do not slow or block the take-up of cloud in the year ahead.

3. Solutions not products – One of the core objectives of G-Cloud is to make it easy for buyers to find the product they need at the right price. This is all well and good but not every buyer needs or wants to buy a commoditised off-the-shelf product. I see a real demand for bundled cloud propositions which meet specific buyer needs, for example, multiple integrated applications on a mix of hybrid cloud models. The arrival of such propositions on the market will be a key theme in the year ahead. Future iterations of G-Cloud need to help us market these effectively.

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Posted by Ivan Harris, 15 December, 2014.