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A new version of the Research Procurement Model report is now available!

With the rise of cloud computing, the consumption of ICT services is going through the same fundamental change that has occurred in many other markets and is now consumed as a utility. However,  while  cloud services continue to proliferate and evolve rapidly, institutional procurement processes and policies of many research organisations have not evolved at the same rate. They are therefore unsuitable for the on/demand  model  that  comes  with  cloud  computing.

As  a  result, public  research  organisations  face institutional barriers in procuring services from cloud service providers.  In order for public research organisations of all sizes to take advantage of the best the cloud market  has to offer, a more flexible and agile procurement model must be identified and implemented.  

In order to create a procurement model suitable for cloud services, it is first necessary to understand how public research organisations are currently purchasing ICT services. PICSE has carried out extensive desktop research and has consulted with the main European public research organisations to identify the five main steps that are typically part of the standard process for procuring ICT services in the research sector: 

  1. Planning & Preparatory phase (including the market consultation);  
  2. Selection of the most appropriate procurement approach;
  3. Implementation of the procurement approach
  4. Contract Award & Negotiation;
  5. Contract & performance management/monitoring.

So how is cloud computing impacting standard ICT procurement processes? Download the "Research Procurement Model" report now and find out!