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Towards the European Open Science Cloud


On the 23rd of April 2015, Bob Jones, CERN & HNI Chair, was invited by the European Commission to present the ‘European Open Science Cloud’ at the 3rd Digital European Research Area (ERA) Forum meeting.

The concept of open science and a European open science cloud seems to be widely accepted, but how to implement it remains largely unknown and Helix Nebula and the European Science cloud are examples that can be used to define the future structure.

European open science cloud is now one of the ERA’s priorities as part of the EC’s strategy for the single digital market.

The audience enquired about the amount of funding needed to get from 5% to 100% scale and how to encourage the adoption of commercial cloud services by research organisations.

The ERA conference to be held in Brussels on 22-23 June will conclude the outcome of the ‘science 2.0’ consultation.


Download the Towards the European Open Science Cloud paper here



Download the HNI 3rd Digital ERA Forum meeting presentation here