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PICSE call to action flier

While technology service options continue to evolve, organisational procurement processes and policies have remained firmly rooted in historical practices that are no longer effective. In order for public research organisations of all sizes to take advantage of the best solutions the market has to offer nowadays, a more flexible and agile procurement process must be created and implemented.

The recommendations included in this flier constitute a 5-part “Call to Action” for ‘mainstreaming’ cloud-computing in the ERA in line with the European Cloud Initiative launched as part of the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy.

Competences and organisational culture
Innovation in procurement and services
Stimulating the research cloud ecosystem
Moving towards commoditisation
Validating the benefits

Public research sector organisations, cloud services providers and policy makers are the major stakeholders in both strands of the DSM initiative: an Open Science Cloud and a Data Infrastructure. These recommendations have been formulated to deliver key outcomes for those stakeholders.

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